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Our Services

Data Groove Ltd brings you High Quality Training and Consultancy Services that are tailored to speak directly to your critical strategic success priorities.


Data Governance through
effective Leadership

Reaching for the Benefits of the Fourth Industrial Revolution requires that you partner with experts who understand the business service delivery landscape in a world driven largely by the power of big data analytics. Contact us to get rare reviews of what is possible.


Customer Service in the 21st

Looking Beyond The Covid-19 Pandemic New Normals means that you must permanently pre-adapt to new ways of approaching execution of solutions to dynamic complex business and personal problems. The paradigm of your thought architecture must shift in time to sustain bang-on responses to unique challenges.


Public Financial Management; PEFA
Assessments; Audit Audit Analytics and
Power BI

The conversation around Optimizing ICT Performance can never end because it’s the action centre that drives business excellence and competition. This is the battle ground where winning corporations will spend a big chunk of their time and financial resources.


Data Security and Analytics for
Strategic Success

If your finance team has been slowing decision making by the Board due to lack of timely information and accurate data about business programs, it could be because they are yet to attend this data analytics class. Don’t wait. Call us for a demo today!